Hello all. My name is John or Also known as K.O. Sound from LS-2020, I dj and produce Electronic related styles.

I'm going to try to make these web pages so easy to use that you won't want to leave!!

If you have an idea for the website and you want to share your idea when it gets more interesting for example, I'm also open to breaking up the website and looking for someone to provide a daily or weekly news flash about the techno or underground nightlife or delve deeper into facts that take place in the music world,

so feel free to contact me and I'll make time for this! so I can take the time to make every message come true.

I am also always open to discuss future collaborations.

Cover Art for all TRACKS and YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEO'S also created by myself !

you can drop samples and any info i need to convince me to work with you in the future when i cant do it alone anymore so are you that artist with magical creations on paper and screen and the prices are okay for a novice artist I hope you respond.

so enough said now, time to let you go now to explore the site and hopefully you will find what you are looking for

OH Don't forget your free download when you leave!!

cheers thanks for stopping by!!

see you later and stay safe



K.O.SOUND / LS2020